A few days ago I posted about the need for us to be more grateful in our lives, mentioning that everything we have to be grateful for is derived from God. How do we show our gratitude to God? We pray!

God is literally our father in heaven, as He is the father of our spirits. Just like we have our father here on earth, we have a heavenly father, our God. He loves us, just like our parents love us. He wants us to grow and become the very best we can be.

He wants to hear from us! He wants us to seak him out in prayer, to tell him our thoughts and feelings… what we are concerned about in our life. If we pray for the strength to overcome the problems we face in our lives, then we will be blessed with strength. “Ask and ye shall receive; knock and it shall be opened unto you.” is recorded in many places throughout the scriptures, and when I see repetition in the scriptures, I associate it with importance.

If we have faith that we will receive the blessing, and so long as it is the will of our Heavenly Father, we will receive it. Jesus Christ demonstrated this concept in the Garden of Gethsemane before commencing the Atonement. He understood the severity of the pain he would feel as he would suffer the pains and the sins of all mankind. He understood this and became a little weary; he asked to not go through with the intense suffering that was before him. However, he understood the importance of what was going to take place, and he qualified his request, asking for the burden to be lifted from his back only if it be according to the Father’s will.

We also learn of this concept in 3 Nephi 18:19-21. Our request must be aligned with the will of our Father who is in heaven. This scripture also emphasizes the blessings that will come to our families as we pray together as a body united. Our children will learn to whom they can turn for support and love in their lives when trials befall them. Their foundation in Christ’s doctrine and love will be a source of happiness for them throughout their lives.

I really enjoyed the story told by Sister Ugando regarding her experience with prayer, and think you might as well.

I testify of the power that we all have available to us at every moment of every day – the power to ask our Heavenly Father to bless us with whatever it is that we need that is good. I testify that this power is holy, is sacred, is necessary for our happiness and eternal salvation, and I challenge you to use it.


One Response to “Prayer”

  1. nash said

    First of all Jacob how come your in May 3, 2011?? LOL are you ahead of us??

    Prayer oh yea.. God want to hear from us in the good and bad he’s my thought in prayer and God.. it’s not for everyone it’s my thought.. God doesn’t need to be first in my life in everything he just wants to be part of my life.. I don’t get up every morning and pray really I don’t.. sometimes I swear and screw up and I think God forgive me.. I loose myself in this life.. I also stop and listen to these little baby birds that are in this building that I’m in.. it’s self contained and no one is sure how they made it in and how they get out to eat? Thing is when I’m having a bad day or things are not going really how I want them I say God what am I to do.. and I hear these baby birds just singing along happy as can be and I go.. God I hear you.. it’s like his way of telling me no worries.. I have it all under control and he does.. that is when I stop and pray for a split secound in my day and go thank you and I believe.. so yea.. prayer and God in your life is an amazing thing..

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