I am Elder Jacob Hamblin, a disciple of Jesus Christ serving as a missionary in the Montana Billings Mission. I have the privilege of proselyting online! I strive to bring others unto Him by preaching His word to all who will hear.

A good friend of mine, Nash Morales, has payed me the honor of typing out and posting an introduction of sorts to my blog, for which I am very grateful:


Nice Blog..

I wanted to post this note it’s not a comment but an itroduction to people who will read this..

I met “Elder Hamblin” at my sisters home where he was a new companion to the already missionary there and it was good. Honestly I didn’t like the guy he had replaced and I expressed this to missionaries before that I had enjoyed one of them Elder Smith said no worries God will send someone to make you change your mind and well on a cold snowy night Elder Hamblin walked thru the door, it’s not like angels started singing or anything but there was something about him that spoke to me and said give this a secound chance..and well I did.

Thru conversation,food,laughter and lesson’s he is what what he is a nice young man, he has compassion for people you see it in his eyes to me this is a good thing. Plus he’s a good eater.. Indian Tacos Beware!!!!

To all of you who don’t know me.. well I’m just a guy who is turning 40 this year please note I’m registered at the local Porsche dealership all expensive gifts will get YOU a nice thank you card.. wink wink.

I can be serious but it’s not me usually I smile and nod my head and just listen.

I was once told I don’t care about people but care for them.. and yea. I do.. it’s me also I’m a friend to the end..

For you out there who think I’m blowing my own horn.. LOL I’m so not.. I just want you to know I am what I am.. ME..plain old simple me..

I relate to people because well I’m real what you see is what you get and I’ve been thru somethings in my life both horrible and unspeakable to Wonderful and Joyous.. but it’s life everything happened to me for a reason I made not have understood it at that moment but later in life.. I went.. oh ok.. I get it..

These are the moments I go from Why God to Thank You God what I thought was a curse was really a blessing, usually my blessings come in the form of someone talking to me and me smiling and going yep I’ve been there and knowing what they feel and how they feel when they can’t even say the words.

We all have a story to share I myself have a lifetime for me it’s a lot of listening.

This world is so huge yet so many feel so left out because no one hears them or see’s them or even know’s they’re alive.

Me heck I say hi to everyone and how are you today whether you are banker or ditch digger in God’s eyes we are all the same.

Honestly there are times in my dark part when I wanted someone just to acknowledge me and someone realize I was alive and yea someone did. So now everyday I do this for someone doesn’t hurt me or cost me anything so why wouldn’t I want to stop to talk to a strange and really God put them in my way for a reason. Also I’m not saying get in a car with a total stranger or you might be on the first 48 hours.. LOL but treat people no matter who they are with the basic kindness and human dignity you would want shown to yourself..

You just never know when you’ll bump into your new best friend.

So in closing.. here is my thought for all of you..

Faith has gotten me thru many hardships in life God had and has his plan for me, when life was unbearable and I was at the end of my rope he tied a knot and said to me.. Hold on Nash I haven’t forgotten you just believe in me and you’ll make it, thing is I did and he never let me down.

Sometimes I feel as if I let him down but even in those moments I know he still loves me why because I’m just human and when I do wrong I know it and don’t dwell on it but ask for forgiveness and move forwar. I don’t live in the past it’s gone I live here in the moment my future is set for me, heck I’ve made it this far I’m just to keep going and being thankful for everyday I have.

Enjoy this moment go out and make a new friend and Smile.. even if your holding on to the end of your rope.. Hold fast help is on the way..




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